I identify as a Bernie-crat. I’m a fierce defender of the Constitution from the very first amendment, and I’m an outspoken advocate of every provision thereof. I’m a strong proponent of public education and economic programs and policies that promote the middle class and minimize poverty and its effects. To summarize that more succinctly, I'm looking out for the little guy while keeping an eye on the big guys.

As your Texas Senator, I will fight to restore living wage jobs in education, civil service, and infrastructure that were subject to irresponsible tax cuts. We need better jobs and to promote small and mid-sized businesses. Texas needs to diversify its economy and I will support initiatives to attract companies that provide living wage jobs, not just low paying service jobs.

The heart of every community are its schools. Texans want to provide their children with the very best education possible. I will fight for accuracy in Texas textbooks and full time Pre-K. Also, funding needs to be restored to reduce the overcrowding in classrooms and schools. Teachers should not have to make due with little support in overcrowded classrooms. I will work to close those charter schools that are failing and waste our tax dollars enriching the few while cheating our students of a proper education. Finally, I will work to reform expensive and ineffective testing that wastes student’s valuable learning time.

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